High-end Customization Electric Motorcycle Battery

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Product Features

Modular design, high stability, high reliability
Super long cycle life up to 1000 times of 80% DOD
Support CANBUS, RS485
High Security :Mult-functional BMS with 6 protections
SOC <5% 

Product Specifications

Nominal Voltage: 64.8V                                    Cell Model: Samsung  18S12P
Nominal Capacity: 37.8Ah                                 BMS: RS485
Working Current/Power: 30A                             Cycle life: 1000 cycles @80% DOD
Max continuous discharging current: 30A         Housing Material: anti-fire ABS+ PC
Charging Current: 10A                                      Certification: CCC ,CE,FC ,PSE ,UL
Size/Weight: 20Kg                                            Market: China,East-south, Asia
IP level : IP67